Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"A word to the Weiss" by Ms. Beauty Turner

A word to the Weiss
Ms. Beauty Turner
National Award winning Journalist
Activist / Researcher

On July 15 the new police Superintendent Jody Weiss was summon to a hearing by the Aldermen on the second floor at City hall located at 121 North LaSalle.

An accountability committee meeting at City Council took place a little after 10AM.

Leading the charge was Alderman Isaac S. Carothers 29th ward;
himself as well as others were highly upset by the crime that have been erupting like hot lava throughout Black and Hispanic gentrifying communities.

Thinking hard about the killing of our youth here in Chicago; it made me think about our telephone lines being known for housing thousands of grey and white pigeons.
There’s an Analogy that stands out vividly in my mind like a sore red thumb; concerning the violence that is plaguing our communities.
That Analogy is……
If these actions are not addressed "Our children are standing on a fragile power keg that is ready to erupt into gun violence at the drop of a pigeon feather.

Over 35 youth have been gunned down on our city streets by allege gang members
As well as eleven young adults have been shot in the back and killed by law enforcement and the numbers are study rising like mercury in a thermostat on a hot muggy day with no end in sight!

Many hot communities that are experiencing youth killings are on the Southside, west side and the South east side-all the areas where many Chicago Housing Authority public housing residents have relocated into.
With Weiss not even into his job a good six months; the Chicago crime rate has risen 13%; leaving the streets of Chicago covered like the red sea in our youth blood and not in emerald green grass and yellow flowers like Mayor Daley said that he wanted.

Many of Chicago citizen’s are saying that protecting the environment and not the people is a very unpopular move
If these types of actions continue you can bet that there will be no 2016 Olympic here on the windy shores of Chicago!

Mayor Richard M. Daley as well as Weiss have joined forces blaming the media for bringing attention about officers that inflict unwarranted pain on to civilians, allegedly leaving them too timid to do their jobs affectedly.

Daley as well as Weiss are trying hard to implement the SOS tactics team that they earlier had dismantle because of corruption …….

Many people in high places told me that Weiss is being used as a scrape goat and he should be given time as he experiment with his strategy in policing Chicago.

My mother always said that there are many ways to skin a goat; one-way is to tell the truth and shame the Devil.

As Black and Hispanic women who are mother’s and grandmother’s we can no longer afford to continue to be silence while our children are being killed on our city streets as if they are in a war in Iraq!
Our babies are not lab mice so Weiss could continues {Daley} experimenting with their life‘s.

A word to the Weiss from the Black and Hispanic communities.
We want the killing to stop from gang members as well as from the hands of law enforcement?
And we want it NOW!!!!!
Do the job that you are being healthily paid for by the tax payers to do!
Protect all of Chicago neighborhoods as if it was the Gold coast!
Don’t neglect one, no not one, but serve all!

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