Monday, July 28, 2008

"Our Rights" as a people by Ms. Beauty Turner

"Our rights"
Ms. Beauty Turner

Our Constitution starts off with these words -“We the people!”
We the American people are being forced to accept a water down, diluted version of our Constitutional Rights ,all in the sake of fear.

Fear is an ingredient that the politicians used as a substitute sugar, only to trim the crust off our slice of the American apple pie, to sweeten our taste buds as they continue to cut away our Constitutional rights.
Leaving us with a foreign bitter taste of what America use to be.

With fear lingering over our heads like an American flag, we will readily hand over our rights without a struggle and let the Government have a blank check to cash out, with what ever they say, to so call keeps us safe.
Which is what is leading us into a growing tangle weed of a recession.

Once an old wise man said to me, as I say to you today.
‘You have nothing to fear; but fear itself!”
Use your own heads for more than a hat rack, think before you hand over anything that takes away from who you are!
Fight to keep your rights, fight for what makes America what it is! Stand up and be vigilant for your self- Freedom begin with standing up not sitting down and placing your head in the sand like a frighten ostrich!

Fear is an unnecessary ingredient that is being forced down our narrow throats, we as a people must throw it back up and not swallow this as truth
You know not what to expect when you were a new born. Never knew what life entails.
You don’t know what to expect when you are dead and gone, because many of you haven’t died before and came back to tell it.
Life is a journey that you take and know not where it begin or end- but it is what you do here that makes the different.
Hopefully you create a great different for a multitude of many, than your life wasn’t lived in vain.

Our constitution started off with we the people and that where it must end.
Liberty, justice and Freedom for all!
How sweet it is!

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