Thursday, October 2, 2008

What about the poor? By Ms. Beauty Turner

Ms. Beauty Turner
What about the poor????

As a concerned citizen, an organizer, a fighter and a writer, who has fought the battle against injustice and will continue to, concerning housing,police terrorism,on behalf of ex-offenders, homeless veterans,and against the State taking partenity of our childrens.

Also as a former resident of public housings, who have watched low income housings be dragged down like the statue of Husien in Iraq, with nothing to replace it for the poor.

My question is what about the poor?

I have seen low income housings as well as minimums wage jobs tumble down in Chicago as well as in the rest of the world, just like the walls of Chicago public housings. Not only have I SEEN minimums wage jobs fall , but so have middle income jobs, are they the politicians too busy looking at the White house that they can't see that we are in the red.

While they are slugging away at each other and giving each other black eyes.
My advice to them is take the rare, sometime raw steak out of your mouths, or push the Sushi away from your finely linen tables,

and put it up to your eyes and see the real world, the American people are hurting!
Many of American dollars have been dumped in an open pit, concerning the war with no real end in sight.

In both debates the Presidential, with United State Senator Barack Obama and Senator McCain. As well as the Vice Presidential debates with Senator Bidden and Governor Palin, all I ever heard them say or talk about- is about the middle Class families.

Are all of them so out of touch with the American people, are they all out of touch with American period?

Have the sun in Hawaii blinded them to the real facts? Or the whiteness of the snow in Alaska blinded them to the fact that there will be no middle class?

There will be no middle class if the stock market continues to drop like the Atomic bomb did on Himoshima Japan, there will be no middle class if the jobs continues to fold down like Lawn chairs being put away for the winter, while people are being laid off.

Recently in the city of Chicago , in city hall over a thousand city workers have received or will receive pink slips- middle income jobs, down the drain,no factory work, no steel mill work, those types of jobs have been shipped oversea's many moons ago. In the health care industry, Board President Todd Stroger closed down hospitals, clinics, even police officers, teachers, reporters, Bus drivers and the like are ask to take a buy out of being laid off.
reminding you that these are middle class families jobs!

President Bush is looking for a $700 Billions dollars bail-out!!!!
If this continues United State Senator Barack Obama , Senator Bidden, Senator Mc Cain. Governor Palin there will be only two groups of people.

That will be the rich and the poor.

Maybe it is time that you draw a line in the sand and pick which group do you truely represent- the rich, or the poor!

That leave the American people who you claim you want to represent asking
Who will you support????? But most importantly