Friday, May 2, 2008

Is CPD Making Unnecessary Contact?

Is CPD making unnecessary Contacts?

Ms. Beauty Turner

I received numerous of complaints of black men and boys on busses being searched and forced to fill out contact cards by the Chicago Police officers,
A black mother told me that she showed her four year old son; young black men being searched threw and threw by officers, talking as if she were disgusted by it.
She describe the scene:
One of the officer who were Caucasian dressed in his blue uniform pats down a young black man wearing a white tee shirt, they didn’t have too look to far, his pants were already hanging down over his buttocks revealing his blue and white stripy Michael Jordan underwear, he had no belt on.
His large black cotton candy natural uncombed hair spilled, wildly off from underneath his baseball cap.
As the officer yanks it off of his head, and ask the boy do you have anything in your pockets or in your hair that will poke me.
No. the boy replied!
Farther down the aisles other young men as well as older black guys were going through something similar.
While some of the elderly women, middle age women and young girls and some of the babies cried out as they looked up from their seat at this activity in shock.
They made each of the young men and older guys fill out contact cards.
I called CPD Spoke person department and asked them about Young black men and boys being searched on busses is that a law now?
“The police can do that if they receive a call from the bus driver about or during an incident,” A CPD spoke person said.
The mother told me that she told her son as she turns him toward the officers “I want you to see this; this is what you got to look forward to if you get old enough !” all while shaking her head in disgust.
Similar activities happen in slavery days a black mother would show her son a black man hanging from the limb of a tree after he had been lynched for speaking out or not obeying his master.
I could just imagine what that mother said in those days, probably something like this ‘This is what happens to black men that don’t follow the master rules! Or I don’t want you Toby hanging from no tree limb!
Fear was a big tactic that the system used in those days, Many people think that it seem to be similar in these days,
Another incident near 79th street: a young men standing by a car talking to friends who just were deplored out of Iraq- two black detectives jumps out of their car and start searching the young man that were talking too his friends that were seated in the car, allegedly using harsh and abusive language, After other people started to complain they gave the young man who was the driver in the car who had been in Iraq servicing his country a $150 ticket.
“I think that the searches Is against your Constitutional rights , I think the contact cards are just a blanket way of taking all of our rights!” Erick Bryant a young black man who by the way is a Music Engineer said.
Bryant went on too say he were told by an officer recently that you don’t have any rights!
“I don’t feel that what they are doing making people fill out contact cards are right!”
Patrice Robinson a young mother of a twelve year old son said
“If I saw them searching and doing that to my son I will have a fit!”
Robinson went on to say.
“Every black man is not a criminal,” Robinson went on to say.
When it comes to the Contact Cards I’m not satisfy with not knowing what they are doing with the data they are collecting!
Alderman Pat Dowels (3 ward) said.
After bringing these incidents to Attorney Tamara Holder attention (the Attorney who filed a law suit about the Contact cards)
A pattern and practice of police making citizens fill out contact cards must be addressed by our new Superintended Weiss, not all Black men are criminals!
Attorney Tamara Holder said.
You have a Constitutional Right not to be searched and Siege’s!
“Just stand up for your rights and say no even if it means getting arrested for what you believe in!” Holders Replied.

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