Thursday, July 31, 2008


Organizing starting now!
Poor People Millennium Movement Founder
Ms. Beauty Turner
E-mail me if you are interested in being a part of history.

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We have marched in Lawndale, we have marched in Bronze Ville,
We have marched in Austin, we have marched in the emerald green grass on the west side of Chicago in Garfield Park, as well as on the south side on the concrete walkways in Washington Park.
We have marched in Auburn Grehams, we have marched in the Pullman community, we have marched until our feet have literally became swollen,
Red, raw and sore.
And still yet the violence’s have not seized.
Our babies are being drowned, stabbed and shot down like rabid dogs
Not only by allege gang members but also shot in the back by law enforcements, even some of the killings have not been reported.
Right here on our city streets , right here in Chi-town- right here in good old boy Chicago, right here in America, right here on American rich black soil.
We have marched all over this city, weeping and crying until we have callas on our feet and yet the conditions has worsen .
So now we will take it from the streets, straight to the Chief.
Mayor Richard M. Daley.
He appointed Supt Weiss to do a job, but nothing have stopped the violence’s nor the killing
We need answers, we need solutions, we need the killing to stop, and we need it now!
No more hiding our heads in the sand, no more burying our feet in wet concrete
Our new spiritual for the new millennium is:

“No more weeping, no more weeping, no more weeping over me!
Before I be afraid, I be buried in my grave and go to my lord to be free!”

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