Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Police allegedly raid memorial services

Ms. Beauty Turner

On July 25th, all hell broke loose in a Southside neighborhood of Englewood on 57 Winchester, due to reports from the trenches-the people on the grounds reportedly said the Chicago police struck once again, trying to bust up a peaceful memorial to a young man slain by the name of Benny Ross about a week ago.
Family, friends and activists had gather in an open school lot; honoring their love one memory, a love one who had been killed by youth on youth violence. When all of a sudden, according to witnesses (allegedly) numerous of police cars rolled in blasting their sirens and blinking their lights allegedly cussing and calling the African American children, “Black apes according to some of the witnesses.
" The police officers said that Ross weren't a favorite person of their, they were glad that he was dead and gone," according to a reliable witness.
Someone else who didn't want their names mention (due to allege retaliation) told me over the telephone that an officer spoke out bluntly saying “you all need to quit hanging in a playground and go hang in a tree!”
I received a call from Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. of the POCC at 5:58 pm, Many of you might know his father slain Civil Rights Leader of the Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. Hampton Jr.was on the scene. ,
while talking to him; I could tell that in his voice that he were deeply trouble; as well as highly upset. .
“Hey Sis,’ a pet name he often calls me concerning a story or an event that he want announce, he yelled over the receiver- “The Chicago Police is dragging and beating some children that are on Henderson Elementary School lot. .
“Call for some media to come out here!” He continues.
All while he was talking; I could plainly hear a lot of sirens sounding off in the background, as well as a lot of yelling taking place .
I first called the media and explained to them that there may be a breaking story, gave them the source, time, date and location-
No media showed up, so I stayed with the story.
As a journalist; I called Chicago Police Department spoke people to inquire about the allegation, that had just been brought to my attention.
A police officer told me there was no such action taking place; nothing is going on there! He went on to say that we are trying to do our jobs serve and protect, I politely asked him.
Don’t you think you should first look into those accusation, before answering me I asked him.
He said he would and call me back.
When he called me back, he stuck to the same story as before.
Another twenty Min went passed, Chairman Fred called me back and said that no media was there.
I could still hear loud disturbing sirens as well as scuffling and yelling in the background; sometime getting so loud it drowned out our conversation. After we hung up, ten second later,
Someone called me from Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. telephone telling me that the police dragged Chairman to jail after allegedly beating him.
A few moment later; I received another call telling me about another activist named Grant News burger; who were also allegedly beaten by police officers and taken to jail.
So I called CPD spoke people again and asked them about Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. as well as about Grant being locked up, is there any truth in that?
He hung up vowing to call me back after he checked- less than five min later he said yes; he is locked up, him and ten other people for mob action, a few officers were hurt taken to the hospital; but they will be okay he added. Mind you earlier I was told nothing was going on over there.
Activists reported that: People refused to be intimidated. When police tried to forcibly disperse them, police were met instead with people calling them "murderers!", some holding up Revolution newspapers and pointing to its cover headline "TRIGGER HAPPY POLICE...AND A CRIMINAL SYSTEM". Police charged the crowd with tasers drawn, beating many. Hank Brown, Revolution journalist, activist Fred Hampton, Jr. and Grant News burger along with a number of neighborhood youths were beaten and arrested, including two Revolution distributors.
CPD Spoke person said-“Yes Ms. Turner ten people were arrested for mob action , “Yes. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. was one of them.”
News burger were taken to a nearby hospital attended to and taken back to a holding cell.
They stayed in jail for twenty four hours and released.
Legal Defends lawyer Anthony Hill came out to see what was happening to the ten young men that were arrested.
According to Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Their court date is August 22 at 1pm on 51 Wentworth in branch 34-4
To all Activists and family and friends as well as concerned citizens “Come out and show your support for the people involved..”

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