Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shedding a mother's tear

By Ms, Beauty Turner

While Mayor Daley Irish eyes are smiling and sleeping,
young Black and Hispanic mothers are sobbing, crying and weeping.
Our babies are dying on our city street;
many of them with no food in their mouth and no shoes on their tiny feet.
Politicians tore down the jects,
saying it was infested with gangs and drugs and rats.
They built mixed income communities in it place,
saying you can move into it if you of another race
On a fix income, they lable you a bum.
But if you are rich and drink rum,
all day!
They say is that how we play!
We are in a recession with our wallets flat
Now they playing with our children lives; Russian Rolette ….
Having phony accountable meetings- waving Hi to the crowd a special greeting,
while marching with "Stop the killing" signs in the hood,
Thinking that all they have to do as politicians to make it good!
Not really getting any traction, only want Chicago as a tourist attraction.
Gun fire erupting in the air , about our babies they don’t seem to care!
All while saying Jody Weiss is the one that not being treated fair!
Chicago streets flows with blood, while Wisconsin rivers flood
Dying Black and Hispanic babies sleeping, young mothers lay crying,
sobbing and weeping.
Another child blood is spilled- another Black or Hispanic child is killed
Superintendent Jody Weiss, treat the Black and Hispanic communities as if they had lice.
Experimenting on our babies; like they are lab mices.
A weeping willow here, shedding a mother's tear,
Please dear Lord wipe away our fear!
The prayer that I pray; is dear God make them sincere!!!!

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