Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When it rain, it pours By; Ms. Beauty Turner

When it Rain it pours
Ms. Beauty Turner

On Tuesday, December 9th 08, in the wee hours of the morning , many of us woke up to the sounds of heavy rain pouring on our rooftops, like a waterfall, or pecking up against our windows like birds eating, birds seeds. depending on where you live.
After leaving my television on all night, which I find my self doing, quite a lot these days, after finding myself staying up late, writing. ,when I open up my eyes, all I could see, were the bright colorful lights, that lit up my room with every flicker, and heard the sounds of early morning news.
BREAKING NEWS flashed across the screen in vivid red colors, with a follow up report- “'Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested by Federal Agents in his home,'' as well as his Chief of Staff.
For numerous of years a dark black cloud of 'allege' corruption hung over his head like a guillotine on a loose piece of thread ready to fall at anytime.
But this morning that guillotine, and cloud that hung over his head dropped and, burst leaving him losing his head, all while soaking and allegedly saying 'You got to be kidding,” as the Agents usher him off to jail.!”
When it rain,it pours!
United States FEDERAL Agent Patrick Fitzgerald stood up in front on my television screen, reading off a slew of federal charges against the Governor, one of those charges that he read was that Blagojevich was trying to get some of the politicians an opportunity to allegedly pay him for The United State Senator seat, the one that President elect Barack Obama left vacant, after he was elected the 44th President.
Was he allegelly trying to auction off the United State Senator's seat. like a piece of rare art.
Many Chicagoan say that pay to play politic, runs through Chicago like Lake Michigan runs along the shoreline , Chicago use to be known for gangsters, prohibition, Al Capone, Machine gun Kelly – now it's very well known for its unfair politics. Crook County- if you have enough money you can buy our parking meters , Every thing here seem to be for sell.
Many politicians , who have already been indicted, was known for dressing up Chicago like a cheap hooker, short skirt with big red lips, and fish net stocking, and high heels shoes, and called it the city that work!
Many people told me that its good too see that the G men, are still on the case, just like in the days of old.
Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, who happen to be next in line as acting Governor, appeared in a press conference recently and asked the Governor to either step aside or resign.
The FBI say that the Governor have hit a new low!
It's a difficult time for our State, it's a difficult time for our people in an economic crisis time.
“'I woke up praying for our Governor and I ask that you the public pray for him and his family too.' Quinn said.
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says it's up to Governor Blagojevich to decide whether to resign, it's a sad day in Illinois.“Maybe that is why it is raining!”
Maybe that is the very reason " why it is raining< America is crying, you think!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beauty's Comments to the people and to the President Elect

"I feel that it is great, that we now have an African American as President,
(President Elect- Barack Obama)
but yet our struggle continues!"
Meaning the struggle of the poor.
Too many presidents, before him have forced our issues to the back burners, as African Americans, and people of many colors who are poor .
We can no longer accept being put in the back ground,
But lift our heads, our hearts and our minds and our bodies and lay our issues at his feet.
I'm glad that my eyes have seen and witness that we as a people can become
any thing or anyone in America, but we as a people need to bring our issues, not to a Black President, but to a President, that just happen to be Black!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What about the poor? By Ms. Beauty Turner

Ms. Beauty Turner
What about the poor????

As a concerned citizen, an organizer, a fighter and a writer, who has fought the battle against injustice and will continue to, concerning housing,police terrorism,on behalf of ex-offenders, homeless veterans,and against the State taking partenity of our childrens.

Also as a former resident of public housings, who have watched low income housings be dragged down like the statue of Husien in Iraq, with nothing to replace it for the poor.

My question is what about the poor?

I have seen low income housings as well as minimums wage jobs tumble down in Chicago as well as in the rest of the world, just like the walls of Chicago public housings. Not only have I SEEN minimums wage jobs fall , but so have middle income jobs, are they the politicians too busy looking at the White house that they can't see that we are in the red.

While they are slugging away at each other and giving each other black eyes.
My advice to them is take the rare, sometime raw steak out of your mouths, or push the Sushi away from your finely linen tables,

and put it up to your eyes and see the real world, the American people are hurting!
Many of American dollars have been dumped in an open pit, concerning the war with no real end in sight.

In both debates the Presidential, with United State Senator Barack Obama and Senator McCain. As well as the Vice Presidential debates with Senator Bidden and Governor Palin, all I ever heard them say or talk about- is about the middle Class families.

Are all of them so out of touch with the American people, are they all out of touch with American period?

Have the sun in Hawaii blinded them to the real facts? Or the whiteness of the snow in Alaska blinded them to the fact that there will be no middle class?

There will be no middle class if the stock market continues to drop like the Atomic bomb did on Himoshima Japan, there will be no middle class if the jobs continues to fold down like Lawn chairs being put away for the winter, while people are being laid off.

Recently in the city of Chicago , in city hall over a thousand city workers have received or will receive pink slips- middle income jobs, down the drain,no factory work, no steel mill work, those types of jobs have been shipped oversea's many moons ago. In the health care industry, Board President Todd Stroger closed down hospitals, clinics, even police officers, teachers, reporters, Bus drivers and the like are ask to take a buy out of being laid off.
reminding you that these are middle class families jobs!

President Bush is looking for a $700 Billions dollars bail-out!!!!
If this continues United State Senator Barack Obama , Senator Bidden, Senator Mc Cain. Governor Palin there will be only two groups of people.

That will be the rich and the poor.

Maybe it is time that you draw a line in the sand and pick which group do you truely represent- the rich, or the poor!

That leave the American people who you claim you want to represent asking
Who will you support????? But most importantly

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A people in perils by Ms. Beauty Turner

A people in perils by Ms. Beauty Turner
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Ms. Beauty Turner

"A People in Perils"

As we stand in the mist of a new millennium, about to embark upon another long and stressful journey against injustice; concerning housing,police terrorism, racial profiling, and ex-offenders, homeless veterans, and our babies being rocked and cradle by the state.

I can no longer pretend that I'm blind walking in the dark with a cane or a seeing eye dog, I see what is laid out before our eyes.

I see poor people as well as middle income people being forced out of this city in record numbers, and not because of a viability study, nor a Congress mandated law, but only out of a need for greed.

I see the road that is paved out before us, a marvel, hard and rocky road, we have many pot holes, and many cracks in this system; on this city sidewalk street of life; that needs to be filled and addressed, filled with an understanding that the poor will be among you always.

The poor will no longer hide in the cracks of society or no longer bow down and be the foot stools for the rich, but will stand tall against injustice and shall and will be counted.

I'm no longer Sleeping Beauty, I'm wide awoke and is trying to enlighten my people!

I see big company merging and forcing small companies out of business, I see the state taking paternity of our children, and I see young men and young women being locked up behind cold, gray steel bars, being used as commodities for cheap labor.

I see many of my people being issues felonies like Halloween candy on trick or treat night; a scary thought.

Many of them will not be able to vote in the up incoming historic election.

I can see in the water and spot dry land.

A familiar road, one that we as a people have travel down many times before , a road of injustice that have stolen many lives, and many people lively hoods; where every day is a constant battle just to get up!

A long dusty, whinnying road of trails and tribulations.

We as a people have came to a cross road, and have hit a fork in the road, that leaves us asking the questions, that we need to ask ourselves.

Where do we go from here?

Do we turn back the hands of time? And go back into the days of slavery, or segregation, or march forward into a brand new day into Freedom and jubilation, or stay put, or digress into transgressions?

My heart, mind body and soul and every fabric of my being, screams out and aches with pain and is saying, we came to far to turn back now!

We as a people, need to say no more, we can no longer accept the unacceptable!

Our little Black, Brown and poor White babies deserve a future!

No longer shall we allow the strong holds to bind us, nor cloud our best judgments against righteousness.

Oppose wrong and do the right thing concerning my people!

For over 400 years we have been put down, spit on, marked and ridicude in your unjust society.

Too many of our so called prominent leaders hands are in the cookies jars, afraid to lose a crumb off of the master table, otherwise tied because of too many favors.

My hand are not tied, but open wide to receive, and reveal the truth.

My calling is to reveal the truth so that injustice can no longer continue to grow and flourish like weeds;

growing from the good emerald green ground.

Otherwise it can no longer hide it ugly slimy gray head. Even in high places!

A word to the wise, remember there's something or someone higher than you!

This unjust system will one day surely fall, just like the bricks from public housing wall's, and just like the walls of Jericho, all of this will tumble down one day.

We as a people must continue to stand up against injustice, for God is the beam that we stand for and they stand against.

We will not fall, but stand tall in God's mighty light!

I say just like the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Do you have your marching shoes on? Otherwise keep on a walking, keep on a talking, marching down the Freedom lane, marching toward the Freedom Train!

It will come a day when men that think like me will no longer be called Common men, but be known as men that is common!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Organizing starting now!
Poor People Millennium Movement Founder
Ms. Beauty Turner
E-mail me if you are interested in being a part of history.

Your opinions are welcome!!!!!!

We have marched in Lawndale, we have marched in Bronze Ville,
We have marched in Austin, we have marched in the emerald green grass on the west side of Chicago in Garfield Park, as well as on the south side on the concrete walkways in Washington Park.
We have marched in Auburn Grehams, we have marched in the Pullman community, we have marched until our feet have literally became swollen,
Red, raw and sore.
And still yet the violence’s have not seized.
Our babies are being drowned, stabbed and shot down like rabid dogs
Not only by allege gang members but also shot in the back by law enforcements, even some of the killings have not been reported.
Right here on our city streets , right here in Chi-town- right here in good old boy Chicago, right here in America, right here on American rich black soil.
We have marched all over this city, weeping and crying until we have callas on our feet and yet the conditions has worsen .
So now we will take it from the streets, straight to the Chief.
Mayor Richard M. Daley.
He appointed Supt Weiss to do a job, but nothing have stopped the violence’s nor the killing
We need answers, we need solutions, we need the killing to stop, and we need it now!
No more hiding our heads in the sand, no more burying our feet in wet concrete
Our new spiritual for the new millennium is:

“No more weeping, no more weeping, no more weeping over me!
Before I be afraid, I be buried in my grave and go to my lord to be free!”

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Police allegedly raid memorial services

Ms. Beauty Turner

On July 25th, all hell broke loose in a Southside neighborhood of Englewood on 57 Winchester, due to reports from the trenches-the people on the grounds reportedly said the Chicago police struck once again, trying to bust up a peaceful memorial to a young man slain by the name of Benny Ross about a week ago.
Family, friends and activists had gather in an open school lot; honoring their love one memory, a love one who had been killed by youth on youth violence. When all of a sudden, according to witnesses (allegedly) numerous of police cars rolled in blasting their sirens and blinking their lights allegedly cussing and calling the African American children, “Black apes according to some of the witnesses.
" The police officers said that Ross weren't a favorite person of their, they were glad that he was dead and gone," according to a reliable witness.
Someone else who didn't want their names mention (due to allege retaliation) told me over the telephone that an officer spoke out bluntly saying “you all need to quit hanging in a playground and go hang in a tree!”
I received a call from Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. of the POCC at 5:58 pm, Many of you might know his father slain Civil Rights Leader of the Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. Hampton Jr.was on the scene. ,
while talking to him; I could tell that in his voice that he were deeply trouble; as well as highly upset. .
“Hey Sis,’ a pet name he often calls me concerning a story or an event that he want announce, he yelled over the receiver- “The Chicago Police is dragging and beating some children that are on Henderson Elementary School lot. .
“Call for some media to come out here!” He continues.
All while he was talking; I could plainly hear a lot of sirens sounding off in the background, as well as a lot of yelling taking place .
I first called the media and explained to them that there may be a breaking story, gave them the source, time, date and location-
No media showed up, so I stayed with the story.
As a journalist; I called Chicago Police Department spoke people to inquire about the allegation, that had just been brought to my attention.
A police officer told me there was no such action taking place; nothing is going on there! He went on to say that we are trying to do our jobs serve and protect, I politely asked him.
Don’t you think you should first look into those accusation, before answering me I asked him.
He said he would and call me back.
When he called me back, he stuck to the same story as before.
Another twenty Min went passed, Chairman Fred called me back and said that no media was there.
I could still hear loud disturbing sirens as well as scuffling and yelling in the background; sometime getting so loud it drowned out our conversation. After we hung up, ten second later,
Someone called me from Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. telephone telling me that the police dragged Chairman to jail after allegedly beating him.
A few moment later; I received another call telling me about another activist named Grant News burger; who were also allegedly beaten by police officers and taken to jail.
So I called CPD spoke people again and asked them about Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. as well as about Grant being locked up, is there any truth in that?
He hung up vowing to call me back after he checked- less than five min later he said yes; he is locked up, him and ten other people for mob action, a few officers were hurt taken to the hospital; but they will be okay he added. Mind you earlier I was told nothing was going on over there.
Activists reported that: People refused to be intimidated. When police tried to forcibly disperse them, police were met instead with people calling them "murderers!", some holding up Revolution newspapers and pointing to its cover headline "TRIGGER HAPPY POLICE...AND A CRIMINAL SYSTEM". Police charged the crowd with tasers drawn, beating many. Hank Brown, Revolution journalist, activist Fred Hampton, Jr. and Grant News burger along with a number of neighborhood youths were beaten and arrested, including two Revolution distributors.
CPD Spoke person said-“Yes Ms. Turner ten people were arrested for mob action , “Yes. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. was one of them.”
News burger were taken to a nearby hospital attended to and taken back to a holding cell.
They stayed in jail for twenty four hours and released.
Legal Defends lawyer Anthony Hill came out to see what was happening to the ten young men that were arrested.
According to Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Their court date is August 22 at 1pm on 51 Wentworth in branch 34-4
To all Activists and family and friends as well as concerned citizens “Come out and show your support for the people involved..”

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Our Rights" as a people by Ms. Beauty Turner

"Our rights"
Ms. Beauty Turner

Our Constitution starts off with these words -“We the people!”
We the American people are being forced to accept a water down, diluted version of our Constitutional Rights ,all in the sake of fear.

Fear is an ingredient that the politicians used as a substitute sugar, only to trim the crust off our slice of the American apple pie, to sweeten our taste buds as they continue to cut away our Constitutional rights.
Leaving us with a foreign bitter taste of what America use to be.

With fear lingering over our heads like an American flag, we will readily hand over our rights without a struggle and let the Government have a blank check to cash out, with what ever they say, to so call keeps us safe.
Which is what is leading us into a growing tangle weed of a recession.

Once an old wise man said to me, as I say to you today.
‘You have nothing to fear; but fear itself!”
Use your own heads for more than a hat rack, think before you hand over anything that takes away from who you are!
Fight to keep your rights, fight for what makes America what it is! Stand up and be vigilant for your self- Freedom begin with standing up not sitting down and placing your head in the sand like a frighten ostrich!

Fear is an unnecessary ingredient that is being forced down our narrow throats, we as a people must throw it back up and not swallow this as truth
You know not what to expect when you were a new born. Never knew what life entails.
You don’t know what to expect when you are dead and gone, because many of you haven’t died before and came back to tell it.
Life is a journey that you take and know not where it begin or end- but it is what you do here that makes the different.
Hopefully you create a great different for a multitude of many, than your life wasn’t lived in vain.

Our constitution started off with we the people and that where it must end.
Liberty, justice and Freedom for all!
How sweet it is!