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A people in perils by Ms. Beauty Turner

A people in perils by Ms. Beauty Turner
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Ms. Beauty Turner

"A People in Perils"

As we stand in the mist of a new millennium, about to embark upon another long and stressful journey against injustice; concerning housing,police terrorism, racial profiling, and ex-offenders, homeless veterans, and our babies being rocked and cradle by the state.

I can no longer pretend that I'm blind walking in the dark with a cane or a seeing eye dog, I see what is laid out before our eyes.

I see poor people as well as middle income people being forced out of this city in record numbers, and not because of a viability study, nor a Congress mandated law, but only out of a need for greed.

I see the road that is paved out before us, a marvel, hard and rocky road, we have many pot holes, and many cracks in this system; on this city sidewalk street of life; that needs to be filled and addressed, filled with an understanding that the poor will be among you always.

The poor will no longer hide in the cracks of society or no longer bow down and be the foot stools for the rich, but will stand tall against injustice and shall and will be counted.

I'm no longer Sleeping Beauty, I'm wide awoke and is trying to enlighten my people!

I see big company merging and forcing small companies out of business, I see the state taking paternity of our children, and I see young men and young women being locked up behind cold, gray steel bars, being used as commodities for cheap labor.

I see many of my people being issues felonies like Halloween candy on trick or treat night; a scary thought.

Many of them will not be able to vote in the up incoming historic election.

I can see in the water and spot dry land.

A familiar road, one that we as a people have travel down many times before , a road of injustice that have stolen many lives, and many people lively hoods; where every day is a constant battle just to get up!

A long dusty, whinnying road of trails and tribulations.

We as a people have came to a cross road, and have hit a fork in the road, that leaves us asking the questions, that we need to ask ourselves.

Where do we go from here?

Do we turn back the hands of time? And go back into the days of slavery, or segregation, or march forward into a brand new day into Freedom and jubilation, or stay put, or digress into transgressions?

My heart, mind body and soul and every fabric of my being, screams out and aches with pain and is saying, we came to far to turn back now!

We as a people, need to say no more, we can no longer accept the unacceptable!

Our little Black, Brown and poor White babies deserve a future!

No longer shall we allow the strong holds to bind us, nor cloud our best judgments against righteousness.

Oppose wrong and do the right thing concerning my people!

For over 400 years we have been put down, spit on, marked and ridicude in your unjust society.

Too many of our so called prominent leaders hands are in the cookies jars, afraid to lose a crumb off of the master table, otherwise tied because of too many favors.

My hand are not tied, but open wide to receive, and reveal the truth.

My calling is to reveal the truth so that injustice can no longer continue to grow and flourish like weeds;

growing from the good emerald green ground.

Otherwise it can no longer hide it ugly slimy gray head. Even in high places!

A word to the wise, remember there's something or someone higher than you!

This unjust system will one day surely fall, just like the bricks from public housing wall's, and just like the walls of Jericho, all of this will tumble down one day.

We as a people must continue to stand up against injustice, for God is the beam that we stand for and they stand against.

We will not fall, but stand tall in God's mighty light!

I say just like the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Do you have your marching shoes on? Otherwise keep on a walking, keep on a talking, marching down the Freedom lane, marching toward the Freedom Train!

It will come a day when men that think like me will no longer be called Common men, but be known as men that is common!

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