Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When it rain, it pours By; Ms. Beauty Turner

When it Rain it pours
Ms. Beauty Turner

On Tuesday, December 9th 08, in the wee hours of the morning , many of us woke up to the sounds of heavy rain pouring on our rooftops, like a waterfall, or pecking up against our windows like birds eating, birds seeds. depending on where you live.
After leaving my television on all night, which I find my self doing, quite a lot these days, after finding myself staying up late, writing. ,when I open up my eyes, all I could see, were the bright colorful lights, that lit up my room with every flicker, and heard the sounds of early morning news.
BREAKING NEWS flashed across the screen in vivid red colors, with a follow up report- “'Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested by Federal Agents in his home,'' as well as his Chief of Staff.
For numerous of years a dark black cloud of 'allege' corruption hung over his head like a guillotine on a loose piece of thread ready to fall at anytime.
But this morning that guillotine, and cloud that hung over his head dropped and, burst leaving him losing his head, all while soaking and allegedly saying 'You got to be kidding,” as the Agents usher him off to jail.!”
When it rain,it pours!
United States FEDERAL Agent Patrick Fitzgerald stood up in front on my television screen, reading off a slew of federal charges against the Governor, one of those charges that he read was that Blagojevich was trying to get some of the politicians an opportunity to allegedly pay him for The United State Senator seat, the one that President elect Barack Obama left vacant, after he was elected the 44th President.
Was he allegelly trying to auction off the United State Senator's seat. like a piece of rare art.
Many Chicagoan say that pay to play politic, runs through Chicago like Lake Michigan runs along the shoreline , Chicago use to be known for gangsters, prohibition, Al Capone, Machine gun Kelly – now it's very well known for its unfair politics. Crook County- if you have enough money you can buy our parking meters , Every thing here seem to be for sell.
Many politicians , who have already been indicted, was known for dressing up Chicago like a cheap hooker, short skirt with big red lips, and fish net stocking, and high heels shoes, and called it the city that work!
Many people told me that its good too see that the G men, are still on the case, just like in the days of old.
Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, who happen to be next in line as acting Governor, appeared in a press conference recently and asked the Governor to either step aside or resign.
The FBI say that the Governor have hit a new low!
It's a difficult time for our State, it's a difficult time for our people in an economic crisis time.
“'I woke up praying for our Governor and I ask that you the public pray for him and his family too.' Quinn said.
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says it's up to Governor Blagojevich to decide whether to resign, it's a sad day in Illinois.“Maybe that is why it is raining!”
Maybe that is the very reason " why it is raining< America is crying, you think!"

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