Sunday, December 2, 2007

Toxic Showers In Jails

In The Windy City of Chicago
American Inmates are being allegely
(hurt by)
Ms. Beauty Turner
National Award winning Journalist
Activist / Ground breaking Researcher
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Lavern Williamson came into my office In September located at 4859 South Wabash she was holding two white sheets of note book paper that was folded over to make a pocket.
Williamson was holding it gently as if it was a time bomb with a hair trigger ready to blow up.
As I reached for it she yelled loudly “Don’t touch that!
I jumped away from it as if I was a frog leaping off of a lily pad.
What is it I asked. Sounding rather confused.
“My son sent it too me from the county jail,” Williamson said.
When I finally looked at it, it reminded me of a greenish graduated sugar
type of powder. But was nothing that I wanted to taste.
“Ms. Turner the young men that are inmates in Division One and in Division six in the Cook County Jail are complaining that this powder is falling from the ceiling into the showers making them break out with a nasty rash,” According too Williamson.
Williamson told me that there are other young mothers and inmates siblings that have also received this powder in the mail from their love ones in jail, and they are complaining to their family that they are breaking out with a nasty black and reddish rash all over their bodies.
Geneva Allen a concern sister called me on September 12th telling me about her brother Cornell Jackson who is an inmate in the Cook County Jail in Division One.
Allen told me that when she went to see her brother in the County Jail her brother showed her his chest it was big black patches swinging around his body like a merry go round.
He wrote a letter that talked about the conditions that him and other inmates have to endure.
“They do not change the blanket’s regularly, I myself and my celly have had the same blanket’s every since they moved us from Division Eleven to Division one about mid August 2006 to September 2007,” Jackson letter read. We are also taking shower’s in an infested Shower with rust falling from the ceiling, mildew on the shower walls, there’s even mildew in the sink, where we wash ours clothing.”
Jackson went on to say that there are 36 inmates on each deck using the same shower.
“Jackson been trying too see a doctor since early July about his rash, but
They just ignore him,” Allen said.
“America treat the prisoners in Guatonamo bay better than they treat they own citizens, Allen said sounding angry.
I called Charles Mano’ from the John Howard Association an organization that advocate on behalf of inmates. He went into the jail to see about Jackson.
I also called Penny Mayteck Communication Director at the Cook County Jail and told her what the family members and inmates are telling me about powder falling into the showers allegedly making inmates break out.
I told her about Cornell Jackson request to see a doctor.
Mayteck told me that she would look into it.
One day later Jackson was seen by the doctor.
Since then seven other inmates and their families called me and wrote too me about the same powder allegedly making them break out with a rash.
Kelvin Lee- who is an inmate mother Sue Lee told me that her son has been trying to see a doctor for over six months allegedly suffering from an ear ache.
Judy Rollin said that her Fiancé George Smith an inmate is also suffering from a nasty rash after taking a shower.
Too the Cook County Jail Department if these inmates are experiencing nasty, filthy conditions don’t you think that through common sense that your officers are also at risk as well as the general public?

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