Thursday, December 6, 2007

Presidential election an issue to low income people

Presidential election an issue to low income people
By; Ms. Beauty Turner

Who's backing Barrack or Hillary?
In our communities granulated, grayish dust continues to spill down the side of public housing, low rises, mid rises, walls in IDA B Wells public housing complexs.
Many of these residential housing developments are having their date with a wrecking ball; while numerous of aims from the wrecking ball is taking away big chunks of concrete and mortal where people lived and once called their homes.
Sights like this is taking place all over the windy city, as well as now in other cities and states.
High rises, mid rises, low rises on the south side, northwest side as well as the west side of town in Chicago, places such as Robert Taylor Homes,Stateway Gardens, Rockwell Gardens,Henry Horner Homes,Cabrini Green development, Madden Park Homes. Darrow Homes, as well as other public housing developments are experiencing this shift in housing displacement.
Even some Section 8 residential rental housings.
There are blue prints on somebody table to dismantle and displace places like Grove Parc Apartments on 61 Street and Cottage Grove after all they have now failed at least three HUD Housing of Urban Development inspections.
Many of the residents that lived in these places that I mention do not have jobs and have difficulty acquiring gainful employment, after all many places are now laiding off workers,places such as the Chicago Housing Authority, President Todd Stroger firing people in health care, as well as in the prison system,plus Mayor Richard M.Daley is shutting down schools in the educational system, thereby laying off teachers, teachers aids, and the likes, transportation is looking at a dooms day senario because of lack of funds.
People are being stacked up on top of each other like boxes in a factory at relatives homes after becoming displaced out of these housings.
Shelters are being overcrowded leaving many peple with no where to go.
And yet the CHA ambitious plan is not yet over.
Jobs are shipping out and going overseas leaving American people without a roof over their heads or food on their tables.
Many of the people that living under these conditions believe that the United State Senators Barack Husien Obama or Hillary Clinton will not be visiting the people who live in these areas that I mention.
Police shootings of civilians are rising like mercury in a themostrat on a blizary snowy, day in the winter time.
33 police shootings of civilians and 18 fatalities have occurred since January 07 until now.
No Presidential candidates have talked to or spent any time with the weeping mothers, who's children have been the victims of these 33 shootings nor the mothers of the 33 shootings of school age children by gangs.
The sad part is that these shootings and violence are errupting like a volcano in these candidates back yards right here in Chicago.
How can you clean up the rest of the world back yards
when your yards are filthy?
Violence and killing are taking place on our city streets right here in the good old windy city of Chicago, and not just in war torn Iraq! The displacement of the poor, as well as the violence are ripping out the social fabrics that made American's, America! My question to Barack as well as to Hillary who is backing us?
By the way you are both invited to hear the voice of the voiceless by getting on my famous Beauty's Ghetto Bus Tour.
Will you be the president for some of the people or for all?
remember this line in the Constitution- "Liberty and justice for (ALL)"
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