Sunday, December 2, 2007

Freddie's Family Fights Back

Freddie's Family Fights Back
By: Ms. Beauty Turner

Fred Wilson age 34, an inspiring rap artist known as the (Saint), as well as a father of four, recently recieved eighteen hits, but not the kind that will hit the top of a record chart and go gold or platinum like famous Hip hop artists Kanye West,or Fifty Cent received from a record lable, but the ones that came from the barrel of numerous of Chicago police officers revolvers.

From January 07 until now there has been 33 police shootings and 18 fatalities concerning civilians and zero police shootings or death by civilians hands.
“There has been numerous assaults on police officers by civilians hand,” CPD Spoke person Pat Camden said in an earlier interview concerning this very issues..
Wilson was stopped by police officers on the 100 block of North Lorel Avenue in the Austin neighborhood on Nov. 13.
Where he was shot and killed allegely doing a routine traffic stop.
A witness by the name of Grace Hazzard recounted the day of the shooting.
"I just saw the police jump out and start shooting the boy, and after they shot him they put handcuffs on a dead person”

On Friday November 15th Family members and Pastors gather at the fifteen District police headquarters to see if they could get to the bottom of this tragedy.
After family and pastor’s held an indoors meeting with Commanders,Wisely. .
Wilson mother Juanita Wilson emerged from the back room trembling and in tears as her family members held her up as Pastor Ira J. Acree from Greater St. John Bible Church ursher the media as well as the family to a large side window area. Where he announced their next plan of action.
We will host a Town hall meeting at New Mount Sinai Baptist Church located at 2841 West Washington near North Laramie on Monday night at 7;00pm.
“The police department just murder my brother, they just killed him in cold blood that all!” Ruby Wilson , Wilson sister said.
‘I’m not going to stop until we get to the bottom of this,” Juanita; Wilson ‘s mother said with a tear drop rolling down the side of her face.
“ We are gonna fight this and that is for real!”Juanita added.
Freddie McGee; Wilson father stood out side dressed in a long brown mink coat and wearing a dob “How could they go home and sleep at night? Speaking about the police officers that killed his son. McGee said while shaking his head in anger.
“How could they just shoot a human being down in the streets like he’s a dog, a wild animal? McGee walking backward and forward in front of the station said.
“I wonder how do they go home at night and sleep and not feel nothing; this was a human being a father a son,” McGee added.
“My son,” he mumbles underneath his breath.

Freddie's Family update.
Three lawsuits has been filed by family members on behalf of a wrongful death
by the hands of the Chicago Police Department.
Fred's children mothers filed lawsuits. .
Fred's- mother file one recently.
The suit claims four unknown officers approached her son and fired 20 shots, and that the officers had “no reason to threaten Fred Latee Wilson with a gun and open fire upon him, killing him.”

Juanita Wilson is asking for more than $600,000 for the “senseless” loss of her son.

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