Sunday, December 2, 2007


"This is a poem about living in the projects
from a childs point of view during Christmas time"

By: Ms. Beauty Turner

“How does Santa enter our place?”
“There’s no open space, no fire place.”
“Where does he get all that money from?”
“Or do mama buy something when the welfare check come>“
“Where does he get off wearing all that red if the gang bangers catch him he’s gonna be dead!”
“Over here in the ghetto you better wear blue, ask any body they will tell you that it is true.”
“If he get caught he better fear, if he know what I know he would stay far away from here!”
Man they will take his reindeers and his sleigh, then they will cheer, smoke a blunt and drink a 40 ounce of ST. IVE beer.”
“Reindeers and a sleigh in the snow, if he know what I know he will hitch them up and go!”
“Outside we can’t even play, much too often bullet spray~”
‘Nothing in our stocking, mama drunk and rocking.”
We hear the people on the TV say have a Merry Christmas any way!
‘Ho ham bug, too many drugs and gang banging thugs.”
Rapid gun fire and people getting plugged.”
“Santa in a fight, he will be lucky if he make it through a ghetto Christmas “Night.”
“Merry Christmas yeah right!”
“No where in our future, no where in sight!”
“All I wish for Christmas is total relief, love and happiness, but most of all PEACE!”

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