Monday, April 14, 2008

A "bitter" pill to swallow!

By; Ms. Beauty Turner

Twenty three Chicago Public School age children; were shot down and killed like rabid dogs; right here in the United State, where United States Senator, Presidential hopeful candidate’s Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton’s live , matter fact right here in their own backyards in Illinois through gangs and gun violence,
Our nation children use to chew Bazooka bubble gum and make it pop they use to
once hold on to a stack of books and colorful lollipops now they hold onto weapons like machine guns, Oozes, tech nine, and Saturday night specials as well as other versions of guns and pop each other.
As the future President You need to find out what is needed to give hope to the future generations that is yet too come!
But yet the Democratic Presidential Candidates are debating and fussing over words like bitter, or fighting over was Reverend Wright right to bring up race in America.

We the general public is believing that by listening to them that this fraudulent way of thinking is a bitter pill to swallow.

American people are losing their jobs like teeth from a frail ,comb in a tangle person head of hair, but yet they argue about being bitter. Our low income public housing has been demolished and pulled down like that statue of Hussein in Iraq, and many other homes in the private market has went in to foreclosure at the drop of a bad loan.

But yet they bicker about who’s elite enough or not!

The American people have grown sick and tried of being sick and tried and we have drew the line in the sand; either you get back on this high horse of an issue meaning the State of America or we will be bitter!
Large Air Line companies that were flying high like ATA in the Nation skies are going out of business, canceling all flights leaving the flying public with no where to plant their feet on solid grounds.

The American dollars has reduce itself to just the mere thread that holds it together,” a penny for your thought” if you know what I mean.

But yet these two officials sit high in their Ivory towers and look down their noses wondering if they are elite or not,
While over fifty public schools are due to be close before the end of the summer.
Bomb scares, and frighten notes are leaving College students crying in the rain with no one to dry their tears
Adding up to more school closing.

But yet you both bicker at each other about living the simply life, when there’s nothing simple about running the United State.
Many people have told me that they are appalled as American citizens to watch this public display of two of the most prominent
people that they once took as intelligent human being bickers about being bitter while the people
which is the glue that bonded America together fall to the wayside!
My advice to you is for you to get off your high elite horses and get back into the saddle of making America what it use to be and still can be “the greatest!”
“Now, go run tell that!”

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