Friday, April 11, 2008

"Snap, Crackle and Pop "

“Snap, crackle, pop.”
Ms. Beauty Turner

“Pop, pop pop;” no that isn’t the sound’s of snap-crackle-pop-
that you hear once you pour milk over your cereal in a bowl, nor is it the sound of fireworks popping and exploding in the windy city, stock yard air, on the lake front in downtown Chicago on the fourth of July.

But our children are hearing that sound much too often in low income communities all around the city.

Not only are they hearing it but they are falling prey to it and are dying right here on American soil.

In case you haven’t guess by now what I mean, “I mean gun shots.”
In too many of our communities gunshots have a way of erupting like an acid volcano from up the street, around the corner and down the block now that sudden areas in Chicago are being gentrified.

“I believe that this shooting and killing of our youth have a lot to do with the city plan to move ten of thousands of low income people from the housing projects into the private market,” Leona Williams a relocated resident from Robert Taylor Homes said.

After all there is an history about these types of actions like for instant in the early 1970 we experience this same type of problem in the Woodlawn community with a gang called the El Rukins allegedly creating a lot of chaos’s so that people would pack up their bags and leave the Woodlawn area so that policy makers, and sudden preachers could move poor people out and move richer people in.

Many people believe that the top gang leaders know this, but they are using the foot soldiers (who don’t know) to carry out these chaotic actions, so poor black people can leave the city, so this city can do what Woodlawn did, gentrify for the 2016 Olympic and to make this city a tourist attraction all from the red blood of our babies.

It use to be the sounds of children playing and laughing on the streets and in the parks, swinging on swings, sliding down sliding boards, playing in sand boxes, along with the smell of charcoal from barbeque ribs, chicken wings, hot dogs and hamburgers sizzling on a grill, young people playing baseball, young boys with big sloppy shorts hopping up making a shot at the hoops, little black girls braids bouncing up and down as they jump rope on the concrete side walks.
“Oh, those were the good Old days!”
“Oh, but what a different a day make!” ,

Now our babies are scared to play outside due to a chance of catching a bullet instead of a ball from gang violence.

Once a wise man said that a nation is judge by the laughter of her children

and guess what? Our children are crying at each other grave sites
So what is that telling you about our nation?

“This city have snapped, about to make me crackle and pop ,” Said Darryl Young a veteran known as (Pops) in the Robert Taylor Homes.

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